About us


Adan Products: Adan is a Malian term that is used to describe things or products that are of EXCELLENT quality and Adan Products is exactly that. This unique brand    was created with the focus on health and beauty. 

Our mission is to encourage/help women of color to embrace and rock their natural hair. 

Founder: Fatoumata Wassa Yattara 



As Founder and CEO of Adan Products, Wassa struggled to find the right products for her hair . She used to relax her hair to make it more manageable. Later on, she got weary of using the relaxer. The chemical in the relaxer made her hair thin and unhealthy. After years of frustration with her hair, she decided to go natural, which means that now she doesn’t have any chemical on or in her hair to alter its natural curl pattern. Since this transition in her hair care routine, Wassa has discovered that maintaining her natural hair is not as much of a challenge as she first presumed. After learning about her hair, different hair types, and hair products, she learned that many women of African descent struggled with the same hair issues then Wassa decided to create Adan products.

Wassas' mission has blossomed over the years into Adan Products, hair styling, and hair care treatment made simple. Her belief in optimal hair care with these stems from her personal hair journey. If you're looking for solutions, look no further than Adan Products!



                                                            Our Team  

Our team has more than 17 years of experience they have obtained several licenses authorized by the Ministry of Health for hair beauty products. They worked extremely hard to come up with the perfect hair products for YOU.

Our Philosophy: "Every woman should be able to look her best", and these products are here to help. Our products work for all HAIR TYPES, especially kinky and coily hair.