How long does shipping takes ?

Due to the high volume of orders our processing time  now takes  2-4  businesses days and shipping is based on the time you placed your orders.  Please allow 3-6 days to receive your orders.

Does the original edge control works on 4c hair ?

-Yes! The original edge control (strong hold) works on all  hair types. 

Can Adan slick me down be used on 4 type hair ?

-Yes, Adan slick me down can be used on 4 type hair, it works on all hair types. Please make sure to spray water on your hair first .

How does Adan hair growth oil works?

-Adan growth oil grows your hair by treating your scalp first, remember healthy hair growth starts with a healthy scalp. Our intense hair growth oil has scalp treatment properties. By being consistent with this unique oil, you will start seeing new growth both in terms of volume and length in less than a month.

Can I use the 4c edge control even though I don't have 4c hair?

Yes, you don’t need to have a 4c hair to use our extra strong hold, it just depends on the type of hold you are looking for.