Adan edge control and wax stick

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 Hair Stylist Favorite!  Adan edge control offers a great hold for natural and relaxed hair.

Adan wax stick  is great for blending  hair and it helps to lay down flyaway hair . For natural and relaxed hair plus hair extension

Edge control ingredients : Ingredients :H20, Cremophor,(R) A25,Fatty Alcohol Polyoxyethylene Ether, Methylparaben,Propylparaben,Dimethyloldimethyl Hydanation, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Ethoxylated Hydrogenated Castor oil, Glycerol, Etanol, Costus Oil.

Wax sitck Ingredients : Mineral, Fat Mineral Oil, Beex Wax, Paraffin Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, Glycerol Stearate, Bentonite, Hydrolysis Silk, Essence, Hydroxy, Benzoate.

Safety Information : For external Use Only, Avoid contact with eyes. Keep It Out Of reach Of Children.

Suggestion To Achieve sleek Edges: After applying Adan edge control, tie a scarf around edges, and we strongly recommend Adan premium satin scarf for that.